Ammonia in industrial waste water has become a major problem. In Indonesia, ministry of Environment and Forestry has defined a maximum ammonia concentration level below 10 ppm and even 0,5 ppm in leather textile industry. Unfortunately, ammonia cannot be degraded by only physical nor chemical treatment

galtiva's solutions

Adding an ammonia degradation microbe to your treatment plant will be an effective solution to your waste water ammonia problems

galtiva ammonia removal biosolutions

Ammonia Removal Biosolutions is GALTIVA ammonia degradation microbes. Our product is adapted to degrade high load of ammonium. This product can degrade 200 ppm of ammonium just in 4 days

ammonia removal biosolutions effectiveness

We already test Ammonia Removal Biosolutions in tannery wastewater using a mini-scale treatment plant with 1 day retention time. This product can maintain ammonium level below 0,5 ppm after 60 hours

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